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General Information and Some Features.

The World
Geography and Maps.

Adventuring Tips
Learn to explore Wisely.

Starting Guide
Walkthru for Newcomers.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The Clans
The Clans and Guilds.


  • I just started, where do I need to go and what do I do?
    Please read the room description that you are currently in. Then go north, and keep reading all the room descriptions and signs. Please read the starting guide for more on this.
  • DO I need to train my stats?
    By all means, yes. Training stats give you better gains per level, faster learning rate and adds to the overall makeup of your character. One does not rely solely on modified stats (with eqs or spells) on AT.
  • Do I need to customize my character?
    Please do. The more skills and spells you add, there will be more chances of survival. In fact, it gives you better gain ratio as you level. But don't overdo it. Try to keep it between 3000 to 6000 exp per level (about 50 - 70 creation points) and gain the rest of the skills later on. You may, however, add more creation points and go beyond 70, but unless you know what you are doing, we suggest not to.

  • Where do I practice skills and spells?
    For lower levels, please go to your respective guildmasters. The location of the guilds are listed in their help files. e.g HELP CHANNELER
  • How can I get better equipment?
    If you are below level 10, or even between 10 - 15, there is no need to get better equipments because your equipments would last you a while. You could probably get some more eqs to wear in the empty wear locations, but I suggest you concentrate on exploring the Adventurer's Institute until level 10 before having to worry about equipments. Equipments can be bought from shops. They may not be the best, but it works. For better eqs, you may want to get it off the NPCs that you defeat in battle. Or buy it off auctions. Or ask some high level players (nicely) to help eq you up. Other than that, check out the equipment rooms located west, east and all up from recall.
  • How many levels are there?
    Currently we're offering up to 190 levels (2 reclasses). Please read HELP RECLASS while in the game.
  • Is AT skillbased or levelbased?
    AT is a hybrid. It is taking too much space on here to explain how the system is, so read HELP LEVELS while on the game.
  • What types of NPC would I encounter in the world?
    There is also a long answer to this question, please read HELP NPC.
  • I just created, where do I need to go and what do I do?
    Please start your adventure in the Adventurer's Institute (just go north after creating your char). The rooms and signs in there have valuable information to how the system works. Read them. Really, please read them. Some of them maybe old info (for veteran mudders) but please continue reading. Please read the Starting Guide for more info.
  • I am hungry and thirsty, do I need to eat and drink?
    Reality bites, but your character does need nourishment to stay healthy. You do not want to go in combat starving and thirsty.
  • My equipment gets damaged, where do I repair it?
    Please see HELP REPAIR for this.
  • What kind of skills and spells are there?
    Skills and spells are varied in Autumn Twilight. At last count we have approximately 280 skills and spells total. These skills and spells sometimes have restrictions. Some would only work outdoors, some would not work in safe places, some can be used on a victim several rooms away, some can be used only on an opponent being in the same room, some works on the entire area, on the room itself etc etc. You get the idea. Skills and spells sometimes are the sole indicator of your survival in the rough world of AT.
  • Why does the room description keep changing color?
    And what is this symbols by the name of the room?
    What are these messages I see when I move around?
    The room desc changes color to denote time. Its darkblue at night, cyan in the morning, yellow in the afternoon, magenta at dusk, etc. Time and weather and seasons are realities even in a fantasy world. Some skills/spells depends on it, your mobility depends on it, affects vision and visibilities. Certain creatures only lurks at night, etc etc. So you will be reminded that when you are walking that you are treading on snow or in heavy rain. Whether you just reached the shore or entering an underground cavern. The ascii symbol by the name of the room also achieves this effect. There are too many to list, but you will get to know them soon enough.
  • What should I do if I die?
    The lengthy help file on HELP DEATH and its related helps would answer questions pertaining this issue.
  • Where do I practice?
    You need to find your guildmasters. Please read the helpfile for your class for a location. e.g type HELP CHANNELER for example.
  • I can't find a place to level, what do I do?
    Find Gorahl in town, and ask him where is the good place to hunt. e.g Type ask gorahl where can I hunt?
    He can give you the names of NPCs or creatures that you can make battle with.
  • I need money, how do I get some?
    Rob a bank or steal from NPCs or shops if you can :P But thieving can be very hazardous and frowned upon. The usual way is to sell things that you get from an adventuring trip, or loot the cash off a downed creature. Or be merchant-like. As seasons and weather fluctuates, the prices on certain items fluctuates. Most of the time the fluctuation is not random, it is more of a trend. SO make good use of it. For example, if a diamond is cheaper in summer, buy a lot of it and sell it off during winter. If you buy stocks from the bank, sell it off when the value is high. Some areas are full with rich NPCs, you could rampage through them and fill your bank account with the bounty.
  • What is agility?
    Agility determines your rate of movement. Encumbrances. If you are heavily loaded with heavy equipments and inventory items, don't expect to be fast in combat. The heavier you are, the slower you move and costs you more mv to walk.
  • I have all these nice equipments, I like to keep them, can they be stored elsewhere?
    Yes, you could buy a locker or buy a personal room. There are 3 different choices of lockers. Please read help LOCKER.
  • How can I become an Immortal?
    Being an Immortal on Autumn Twilight is through invitation only, and only if the head immortal think that there is a need. It is a very subjective and personal process, and there is no way to tell if you are even being considered. One thing for sure, one does not become an immortal simply by asking, in fact, that is a good way to disqualify yourself.
    More coming soon!
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