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Autumn Twilight

Autumn Twilight is based on ROM2.4b4 code. However, it has evolved to form a more feature-filled combat oriented game and more detailed than a typical hack and slash MUD. For those who familiar with the ROM codebase or ROM Muds, our world sports many similar playing features though a lot has been revamped, changed, added, removed or works differently now.But it is not too elaborate to make it too complicated for anyone to start out and join in the fun. As any games, MUDs has their own game manual called HELP files. AT is no different, and our helpfiles are adequate, if not extensive, as a source of information. Also, AT retains almost all original ROM areas with its original layouts and most settings, so anyone with a ROM background will not be too unfamiliar starting out the adventure.

This website would provide some basic information on certain things, however, it is not meant for a main source of information, nor will it ever be. To access further gaming information, please logon to the MUD. Also, eventhough AT is only designed to the specs on DL handbook and AD&D 2nd ed. roughly about 65%, many of the major elements are there. You are not required to know these board rules like when you are actually playing offline on the board, but for those who has at least you'd know how AT works. Just that the DM would be the computer instead of a human being. Helpfiles on major races are available and many other helps about how AT works are available in-game. Also, please note that AT is not a no-brainer simple hack-and-slash MUD. It takes more than simple ACs or skills to gain experience, or to win combats. While our number one goal is to provide a unique gaming experience and enjoyment, all 'games' come with its own challenges and degree of difficulty and AT certainly have that. All said, no guts no glory.

Solace Some Features:

  • 12 Player Classes: From Mage to Assassins.
  • At this count, 445 tailored skills/spells. Skills/Spells vary in their uses and affects. And affects ranges from just to the player or objects, to the room, areas, even the world.
  • Multiclass/Tiered System: 5 tiers/reclasses
  • 20 player Races: Pick any for your enjoyment. Races are with their own unique and racial abilities.
  • 93 NPC Races: Races in AT are not merely words and descriptions. Each race (including PC races) has its own innate skills and thus different kind of experience as each of them employ their own fighting techniques, has different strengths and weaknesses for you to exploit.
  • NPC with personalities: gone are the days where mobs just exist to be slaughtered. In fact NPCs are intelligent enough to be classed and act like one.
  • Atmosphere: You will tend to 'feel' the game. You experience snowfall or rain, kinds of sector you are exploring, heat or cold. etc.
  • On-grid maps/world layout: AT sports a grid-able area layouting system to support advance tracking or cartography. In simple words, you can get a graph paper and map all the rooms in AT, and they all will fit in nicely and there is no overlapping. This also allow areas to be interconnected well enough for players to find a way through them or around them. Please check our map section for a sample grid.
  • Tailored shops: shops that does simple selling to redeeming quest certificates and repairing armors.
  • Battle/Duel Arena for people to duke it out without worrying about losing exp/kills; your pride maybe. Points are also tallied. By going to the arena plaform, the arena can have audience too. You can watch one specific player or watch everyone in action.
  • Quest systems: Ranging from your standard automatic questmasters to plot quests, where you solve mysteries and gain rewards.
  • Clans: Dragonlance type clans are available for play.
  • Player houses and shops: Yep, you can own and build them -yourself-
  • Of course if you can't afford to build a house, you can buy a locker to store excessive equipments. There are 5 levels of upgradeable lockers to choose from.
  • Revolving world: Gone (well, almost) were the days where the world, objects, mobiles are static regardless. AT sports a revolving economy with commodity markets to unique items and encounters, seasons and weather. Keep you on your feet.
  • Easy to start off playing. Being 'newbie' shouldn't hinder anyone from enjoying the first 10 levels. All 'newbie' eqs are designed to last up until level 15 or so and one shouldn't worry about eqs at all during these low levels. Concentrate on knowing the game, the rules, the system and other players around you instead.
  • An overall friendly environment, players and Immortals alike. We do have a statute for that though, for the safe side.
  • Scoring system: We keep scores about almost anything and rank the high scorers.
  • Of course, zero cheating. Codes are built against such things, plus our own rules to cover the uncoded part are extensive, yet simple enough to follow.

    These are just the basic on-the-cover rundown of the world. You will have to experience the real thing yourself.
  • AD&D and Dragonlance are registered trademarks of WoW Inc.
    Copyright © Gilean of Autumn Twilight 2002