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Autumn Twilight

You start out just in front of the Adventurer's Institute. First of all, read HELP 2NEWBIE, then HELP 3NEWBIE and then 4NEWBIE. Read HELP CHANNELS. Type Inventory. All newcomers to Autumn Twilight are given a set of equipment. FYI, these equipments and the equipments that can be found in the Institute are good until level 15, even beyond. So please don't worry about getting new equipments until then. You can also visit the Eq rooms now and then, luckily you can find something worthwhile. All the rooms inside the Institute contains helpful information about playing the game. So please explore all rooms and read the room descriptions.

Solace We cannot emphasize more on the necessity to complete the Institute. For one, with all your powered equipments, you will not survive in the outside world unless you have been here the first place and know what you are dealing with.

  • Go inside the Institute and turn west. This is a Training Guild. Read HELP TRAIN if you're not sure what to do.We suggest you train con and wisdom at least once. If you are a spellcaster, train INT at least up to 16.
  • Then go 2 east into the Practicing Guild. Type 'skills' or 'spells'. Practice your primary weapon first, at least.
  • Turn west and north. You will see a Solamnic there. Ignore him and go west. Please read all room descriptions. Keep going north until you see a way down. Then go down, you will see a healer of Mishakal. Stay there for a minute, and she will bestow upon you some spells to aid you in your encounters.
  • After getting some spells, you can now explore the dungeon. The monsters have some equipments, so once you have defeated them, get them off their bodies and wear them. Repeat this as necessary. In fact do this until you get to level 5. FYI, it will be very easy to level up when starting out.
  • Sooner or later, your character will feel hungry and thirsty. Eat the food that you have with you and drink some water from your water container. This is important since hunger and thirst can spell your demise. Later on during the game, you can buy more food from the Baker and fill your waterskin from the water fountain. The baker is located 3s w n from recall, and the fountain is just south from recall.
  • After reaching level 5 and being comfortable with the important commands, you are ready to explore the outside world. The next best place to go is the Mob Factory . Check out the area list by typing area. Find the one that is around your level by looking at the numbers in between { }. Type help MAP for a global map that shows relative position of the nearby areas and start exploring!

    Remember, exploring is not a cliche. The more you explore the more rounded fighter you will be. In a player vs player combats for example, it is harder to win against a seasoned explorers than yourself. If you have any additional questions, ask away on the CHAT channel. For example, type 'chat hello, I'm new'.
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