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Autumn Twilight

While hack-n-slash is integral to any MUD, combat in Autumn Twilight is not that simple. It is a combo of many different elements that, depending on the player's own playing technique, allows for different playing styles and winnning strategies. But enough of that, you will soon discover for yourself. For now, lets just look at some basic playing tactics.

  • Before you move anywhere, 'scan' first. Or type 'Exits'. Read the room description. Then decide if the room you are going into next is safe or not. (Some rooms are traps, some monsters are aggressive)
  • Before you attack anything, 'consider' it first.
  • As often as you can, get detection spells casted on you to see hidden or invisible monsters or objects. You can buy potions from the apothecary or from some monsters in some areas.
  • 'Flee' to get away when things get rough. Or set your wimpy, so you can flee automatically when things get out of hand.
  • If the monster chases you, run and keep running. Or recall.
  • If you are blinded, hope that you have a cure blind potion at hand. If not, walk back to a healer and heal blind. If you have recall or the spell 'word of recall', use it and go to healer (north of recall). If you have cancellation spell, try to cancel it. The same goes with plague (disease) and poison. Unlike most MUDs, plague and poison here are very lethal and you will die soon enough unless you get a cure or unless you are strong enough to withstand it. If smoked, 'rub' if you can.
  • Set your recall location. Some people find it useful setting their recall at the healer, so when you recall, you will be at the healer.

    Know that 4 things makes an armor better than another:
    1. Use the one that gives high AC. High AC means you will be able to reduce a lot of damage should you be hit in combat.
    2. Use the one that give higher Damroll bonus. Higher Damroll means you will be able to inflict more damage to your opponent in combat.
    3. Use the one with higher Hitroll. Higher Hitroll will add to your chances of hitting your opponent during combat.
    4. Bonuses: Some armor gives bonuses to your health or spellpoints or your character attributes like strength or wisdom. One could be better than the other, its up to your own choice.
    Of course, all of the above usually come together in a combo. So given your own playing requirement or playing style, what kind of armor you choose to wear is solely yours.

    Other Info:
  • Try using lighter armor and reduce your encumbrances. ie lighter your load, the more agile you are in combat. Of course Store excess cash in a container or deposit it in the nearest bank. Store excess equipment in a locker when you can buy one.
  • Always use the protective spells available to you. The more shielded you are, the lesser damage you have in combat. Some protective spells include armor, shield, stone skin and sanctuary.
  • Keep some potions with you. For example recall potions, sanctuary potions and healing potions.
  • Last but not least, know the area well. Know what can be found in an area, which shop sells cheaper item etc. Know where a healer is and where a safe haven is. Sketch a map, some maps are available from monsters or from the map shop. But you will have to make your own map for some other less known areas.
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