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Autumn Twilight


Wildrunner was originally the elven army founded by Kith-Kanan during the Kinslayer Wars. They kept the elven nations from falling under Ergoth's tyrany by utilizing guerilla warfare tactics and developing unorthodox communication techniques utilizing sign. They specialized in arial combat using griffons (later that group became Windriders) and became an elite group of rangerlike fighters who started leaning more towards neutrality than good because of the interbreeding with Humans that occured during the war.
When the Starsheath Scroll was signed and the war ended, the Qualinesti, lead by Kith-Kanan split off from the Silvanesti and sought out their new lands to practice their new ideals. The Wildrunners reportedly went with them. Today, here on Autumn Twilight, the Wildrunners comprise a wide variety of members who's overall closeness and brother/sisterhood united for the defense of the feral lands, make them somewhat unique. They have no need for money and have a rather loathing attitude towards technology. They are often seen side by side with both good and evil clans. Sometimes, they can be trusted as mediators, or peacekeepers, but only when the situation involves their beloved forests, or their fellow runners or family.

Any race of good or neutral alignment
Must have Woodland roleplay
Any class is allowed

Current Members and Respective Ranks

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