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Autumn Twilight


Give us your poor, your lonely, your forgotten. Well not really, but that is somewhat the basis of Mariner. The Mariners are a group of adventurers who have heeded the calling of the sea. They survive as any smart ship would during this time of war, or at least so they believe.
Their cargo can be anything from food exports to weapons. Better put, anything from legal to illegal. They live by their own standreds, and are bound together only by their loyalty for the Cap'n of the ship. Anyone is welcome to join them, provided the applicant has the needed skills for survival. The Mariners did not grow to what they are today by taking in weaklings, thus each member is expected to be a self-providing unit of the ship. Those of the darker side of the spectrum usually fit in better, as morals are not a priority aboard the high seas.

Humans Half-Elf Minotaur Dimernesti Hobgoblin of any alignment.
Kender for the adventure.
Warriors Thieves Berserkers must be their current class.

Current Members and Respective Ranks

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