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Autumn Twilight


Of all the orders of the world, none are as old, as feared, or as respected as the Orders of High Sorcery. They came into being almost at the beginning of the world. The different orders are held together by the Foundations of Wizardry:

  1. All wizards are brothers in their order. All orders are brothers in the power.
  2. The places of High Wizardry are held in common among all orders and no sorcery is to be used there in anger against fellow wizards.
  3. The world beyond the walls of the towers may bring brother against brother and order against order, but such is the way of the world.
Each different order follows the teaching of a different god of magic. The White Robes follow the teachings of Solinari, the god of Good magic. The Red Robes follow the teachings of Lunitari, the god of Neutral magic. The Black Robes follow the ways of Nuitari, god of Evil or dark magic. Each order has its own separate leader, and they, with the non-aligned Head of the Conclave, make up the Conclave of Mages.

Any race is allowed and any alignment.
Current class must be Mage or Channeler.
Must worship one of the moons.

Current Members and Respective Ranks

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