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Autumn Twilight

Choosing the class of your character is an important part of the adventure. Your character's primary class defines not only his role in an adventuring party, but his position in the larger world. Therefore, it is important to understand how members of each class might find their niche in the Autumn Twilight's setting. Just like any other MUD, your class primarily defines the kinds of skills and spells available for use. Since Autumn Twilight promotes RPG, you need to understand the characters preset background regardless of how you will mold it later on. For example, a mage is a weak fighter and rely a lot on spells. You cannot expect to live through a combat if you go on barging across town hacking and slashing at everything. Likewise for a warrior, you have to rely of your wit and strength to win a fight than relying on available spells.

  1. Mage - Wielder of raw magic
  2. Cleric - Healer that draw power from his deity
  3. Thief - A stealthy streetwise backstabber
  4. Warrior - A brute adventurer with all-rounded combat abilities
  5. Ranger - An able outdoorsman with archery skills
  6. Berserker - Wild warrior relying on raw force
  7. Monk - Master of unarmed combat and physical defense
  8. Cavalier - A warrior with advanced weapon and field tactics
  9. Necromancer - Dabbler in the art of death and how it affects life
  10. Channeler - Wizard of the environmental elements
  11. Druid - Healers that serve the cause of nature
  12. Assassin - Cloak and dagger type warrior with the kill in mind

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