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Autumn Twilight

Autumn Twilight offers most guilds found in Dragonlance settings and also player made guilds, if supported. A Clan is a collection of players, united to follow and further a common cause. Each clan has rules and regulations, to find out more about clans and their 'beliefs' type "help ". To join a Clan you must be level 10 or above. Speak to the clan leaders or recruiters about joining. These leaders and recruiters are designated with an or in front of their names on the who list respectively. Below are the clans currently being offered:

  1. Knights of Solamnia - Honorables Warriors for the Good Cause
  2. Dragonarmy - Forces of the Dark Queen Takhisis
  3. Conclave of Mages - The order of High Sorcery
    • White Robes - Order of Good Mages
    • Red Robes - Order of Neutral Mages
    • Black Robes - Order of Evil Mages
  4. Holy - Guild of Clerics and Priests
  5. Brotherhood - The Merchant's Guild
  6. Mercenary - Adventurers and Warriors for Hire
  7. Wildrunner - Guardians of the forest
  8. Council - City Councillors
  9. Renegade Mages - Mages who refuse to join the Conclave
  10. Heathen - Clerics not in the Holy Order

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