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Autumn Twilight

Your travel have been exhausting; finally you arrive to a bustling city, and as it was proper you were led to the Adventurers Institute to receive a formal welcome. To your left a messenger hurries by, his shoulders laden with a bag full of missives from the Guildmaster in the west room. Past the enteryway to the north you come upon a guide, seeming eager to assist you. He prods you to the training yard to your west and east, to receive your first formal lessons.

Returning to the guide you leave northwards, where a knight greets you. You follow his instructions and proceed further inside the Institute, its edges defined by the massive stone walls extending yonder. Walking on, a grizzly looking warrior looks at you expectantly. His smug grin promising hours of exhausting training, and your first will start out by assisting the executioner pass out death sentence in the dungeon below.

Solace Solace has burned. The tears of the many alone and frightened citizens have put out the blaze, but a new fire burns in the hearts of the founders of a new city nearby. They have lost all, and the pains they feel are not just part of the loss. The War of the Lance rages on around them as they strive to build a community in which there can be hope, maybe not peace, but hope. Their journeys lead them to a place now called Malaya, built of sweat and magic the three founders have now witnessed the birth of their sanctuary, dreams, and now their hope....
Do you have what it takes to become a brave Solamnic, a cunning mage of the Conclave or an evil recruit in the Dragonarmies? Come and write the future of Malaya, and those who live in it.

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